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It's Not Weakness, It's Your Health for upcoming conference


It's Not Weakness, It's Your Health for upcoming conference


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It's Not Weakness, It's Your Health Emotions Shouldn't Be Held In

Brāv Online Conflict Management

Gabrielle Cardona

Keynote Speaker at the upcoming conference for Brāv

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Ran by a team of multiple award winning writers who worked at major publications, Elite Exclusivity is a multimedia one stop shop to share your content to the world!

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After leaving Forbes, the team set out to create an agency unlike all other agencies which allowed anyone to share their content internationally through articles, books, websites, and more!


Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer is one of the most lettered men in the world and has been featured in publications, including Harvard, Forbes and U.S. News and World Report, as an expert in conflict management. His newest book on the history of criminal activity in the Democratic Party is already sought after by major networks and is sure to be a media frenzy right before the 2020 elections!

The Red, White and Blue Deal Volume II: Choices of Reason Among the Chorus of Political Chaos

A Criminal History of the Democrat Party: How the Party of the KKK, Socialism and #Resist have become the Party of the Media/ Industrial Complex

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