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Manny Alicandro is a former candidate for New York Attorney General and NYC Public Advocate. He is a New York City-based attorney specializing in compliance, regulation, and governance. He is an expert in the blockchain space focusing on the trading of digital assets and cryptocurrency. Manny brings comprehensive capital markets knowledge gained through diverse leadership roles in alternative asset management, banking, consulting, and trading technology as well as through senior roles at NASADQ and FINRA. Broad experience includes compliance, risk management, regulation, controls, surveillance, supervision, and governance. Expertise in U.S. trading regulations and market structure issues with particular understanding of electronic trading and management of electronic exchanges. In-depth knowledge of legal and regulatory compliance issues pertaining to equities, derivatives, options and futures markets. Expertise in regulation technology with ability to advise on founding and structuring of new entities from Fintech startups, to hedge funds, and to electronic market places. Frequent industry speaker, panelist, webcaster, and published author.

Attorney Manny Alicandro is writing a book on universities knowingly accepting donations from known offenders.

Out June 2020!

Next Steps…

The Red, White and Blue Deal Volume II


The Mechanics Mediator


Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer is one of the most lettered men in the world and has been featured in publications, including Harvard, Forbes and U.S. News and World Report, as an expert in conflict management. His newest book on the history of criminal activity in the Democratic Party is already sought after by major networks and is sure to be a media frenzy right before the 2020 elections!

A Criminal History of The Democrat Party



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